• The Mint of Madina

    There are two types of mint available for purchase in Madina; Hasawi mint also known as Madany Mint and Maghrebiy mint. Hasawi mint is peppermint and Maghrebiy mint is spearmint. The famous mint of Madina is indeed the fragrant Hasawi/Madaniy Mint. This mint is not available anywhere else in Saudi.
  • An Introduction to Musk

    An Introduction to Musk
    Musk is mentioned frequently in the Sunnah. It is a pleasant-smelling perfume with many added benefits. However, the world of Musk can be a confusing one, especially online! This blogpost is talking specifically about Musk attar, not the synthetic Musk scent often used in manufactured perfumes around the world. There are two main types of Musk: Black Musk and White Musk. Although it has...
  • The Madinah Rose: A Flower, a Fragrance, and a Flavor!

    The Madinah Rose: A Flower, a Fragrance, and a Flavor!
    The rose is used in numerous contexts be it, culinary, cosmetic or decorative. You will rarely find a special occasion in Madina that has not used these rose petals a confetti. Huge garlands are sometimes made and placed around the neck of the guest of honor and in vases around the venue. The fragrant smell is a pleasure to experience and remember all your...
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