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Dried Mint of Madina
Well known, not only for its taste but for its healing properties as well, mint is one of the Sunnah foods mentioned in The Medicine of the Prophet. Mint of Madina is much sought after, by all visitors to Madina,...
Dried Sidr (Lote)
One of the most well known of the sunnah herbs, Sidr is mentioned in various surahs of the Quran and in numerous hadith. Sidr can be used not only for Islamic purposes but as a hair reviver and skin cleanser....
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Henna Powder
Henna has many benefits and uses beyond beautification. Listed in The Medicine of the Prophet and in a multitude of recent publications for its use in curing a range of infections and skin related illnesses, as well as headaches, gout...
Dried Rose of Madina
Well known, not only for its taste but for its healing properties as well, the Madina Rose is a loved plant among the Arabs. It can be used both in food for flavour or in beauty products as a skin...
Qist Al Hindi
from $18.00
Qist Al Hindi
Costus is a frequently used medicinal plant, described in the sunnah as a cure for Sore throat and tonsillitis Headache Pleurisy (inflammation of the membrane that wraps around the lungs) Modern scientific research has further suggested it has both antioxidant...
from $18.00
Thyme (Za'atar)
This supremely aromatic spice blend combines toasted sesame seeds, dried thyme, dried marjoram, and sumac. Though the name “za’atar” atually means “thyme” in Arabic, the blend incorporates various herby flavors in an olive green combination that is as delicious as...
from $4.70
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