Masjid Al-Nabawi Pattern Umbrella.
Fold-up umbrella made of fiberglass, artificial silk and a handle that mimics the marble pillar of the Prophet mosque.
Handmade Clay Pot
A small handmade in Madinah clay pot. Clay pots were traditionally used to hold water in Saudi Arabia. The clay pots have a cooling effect on liquid placed inside them. This cute little clay pot can be used as a...
Emirates Bakhoor
What this Bukhoor may lack in spelling it more than makes up for in scent with its oriental mixture of Oud and pure blossom fragrance it is a Hujjaj Store favourite. Weight: 40 g
Bismillah Date Magnet
A small cute magnet, a pretty reminder to say Bismillah, perfect to pop on a fridge door.  5x8cm
Date Dish
This cute little date dish stores just enough dates to enjoy with a pot of coffee, to keep on your breakfast table, or to offer around at iftar. Beautifully shaped in glazed ceramic, this versatile dish can be used for...
Mecca Fridge Magnets
3 magnets featuring The Blackstone, the stoning of the Jamaraat and the Heraa cave.
Kaabah Door Fridge Magnet
A super cute and simple magnet that holds great meaning.  Printed on a drawing of the Kaabah door is the Quranic verse ( ومن دخله كان آمناً ) (And whoever enters it [Al-Masjid Al-Haram] shall be safe.)
Mountain Car Hanger
A cute rubber car hanger in the shape of mountains, brown with white peaks and Dream big, make Duaa, move mountains in English on one side and in Arabic on the other. The perfect addition to any car! 
Handmade Clay Cup
Known for its metabolism-boosting and cooling effect, clay has been used as a vessel for drinking for centuries. This cup is handmade in Madina, a city famous for its clay products.  An ideal gift, this clay cup can be used...
Maqam Ibrahim Magnet
A small intricately detailed magnet of Maqam Ibrahim in gold, white, and black.
Zamzam Magnet
A small magnet in the shape of one of the Zamzam dispensers available in the Harmain.
Green Dome Magnet
A small metal magnet in the shape of the Green Dome.
Bismillah Banana Canvas
A lovely wall or shelf decoration, a  canvas of a bunch of bananas on a blue background with a speech box that has Bismilla written in it. 15x15 cm
Arabic Letters Magnetic Flashcards
Magnetic Arabic alphabet flashcards. Each flashcard has an image and word too.
Qiblah Direction Sticker
A small round plastic "Al-Qeblah" sticker, the sticker has an arrow and Kaabah illustration to indicate the way of the Qiblah, can be used on walls, tables, and ceilings. 

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