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Ajwa Filled Chocolates
Quality chocolate encases a delicious Ajwa middle.
Dried Sidr (Lote)
One of the most well known of the sunnah herbs, Sidr is mentioned in various surahs of the Quran and in numerous hadith. Sidr can be used not only for Islamic purposes but as a hair reviver and skin cleanser....
from $10.00
Soft Plain Headscarf
Beautifully soft viscose pashmina headscarf. Available in a range of softly muted shades. 180 cm x 70 cm
$12.65 $5.00
Emirates Bakhoor
What this Bukhoor may lack in spelling it more than makes up for in scent with its oriental mixture of Oud and pure blossom fragrance it is a Hujjaj Store favourite. Weight: 40 g
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