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Al-Bisat Prayer Mat
A prayer mat where the Aseri and Najdi decoration create a traditional artwork. It is made of soft and comfortable fabric. Dimensions : 70 x 112 cmWeight : 900 g
Al-Haram Mat
Inspired by the Masjid Al-Nabawi carpets, this comfortable prayer mat is a wonderful reminder of Madina. Patterns may differ slightly from the image shown.  Dimensions: 70 x 112 cm Weight: 700g
Mehrab 3D Prayer Mat
Inspired by the beautiful design of the Prophet ﷺ's mehrab in the rawda. Ultrasoft silky touch. 9mm 63 x 110 cm
Madina Kids Mat With Bag
Encourage your little one to pray with a special prayer mat just for them! Dimensions: Mat: 33 x 65 cm. Bag: 32 x 22 cm.  
$8.00 $6.00
Al Noor Prayer Mat
A modern luxurious prayer mat that reflects the beauty of the arches in the architecture of Madina Mosque . Dimensions : 70 x 120 cm Weight : 1100 g
from $66.00
Al Raha Foldable Mat
Foldable prayer mat with chair function or backrest. Made of high-quality material to give comfort during prayer. Lightweight، easy to fold and carry. Dimensions: 53 x 107 cm
$15.55 $10.00
Al Haram Memory Foam Mat
This beautiful extra wide haram pattern prayer mat has the added benefit of a thick memory foam padded layer. Relieves pressure on knees for a more comfortable prayer experience.  Dimensions : 70 x 112 x 2.5 cm Weight : 2250...
Classic Prayer Mat
$13.50 $10.00
Classic Prayer Mat
Soft prayer mat with a classic prayer mat design available in multiple colors.
$13.50 $10.00
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