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Dakah Al-Madina
The famous Madina spice mix. Traditionally sprinkled on yogurt and eaten with bread. Served throughout Ramadhan at iftars all around the haram.  20 sachets Ingredients: Coriander - Cumin - Lemon Salt - Black Pepper - Salt - Wheat - Roasted Sesame....
Grinded Ajwa Seeds Powder
Ajwa seed powder is useful in treating Diabetes and heart problems. It can also be used as a coffee alternative. 180g
Ajwa Date Paste
A delicious Ajwa date paste with many Sunna remedy ingredients is the perfect sugar-free addition to your meals and a tasty way to contribute to your 7 Ajwa a day! 200g Ingredients: Ajwa date paste, Ajwa stone powder, Safron, Honey,...
Diyafa Seeds
from $2.00
Diyafa Seeds
These salted seeds are a widely popular snack enjoyed by all.
from $2.00
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