Dried Sidr (Lote)
One of the most well known of the sunnah herbs, Sidr is mentioned in various surahs of the Quran and in numerous hadith. Sidr can be used not only for Islamic purposes but as a hair reviver and skin cleanser....
from $6.00
Dried Mint of Madina
Well known, not only for its taste but for its healing properties as well, mint is one of the Sunnah foods mentioned in The Medicine of the Prophet. Mint of Madina is much sought after, by all visitors to Madina,...
from $7.65
Dakah Al-Madina
The famous Madina spice mix. Traditionally sprinkled on yogurt and eaten with bread. Served throughout Ramadhan at iftars all around the haram.  20 sachets Ingredients: Coriander - Cumin - Lemon Salt - Black Pepper - Salt - Wheat - Roasted Sesame....
Haribo Happy Cola , 160 g
Halal Certified Cola Flavoured Jelly Candy 160 g
Dried Rose of Madina
Well known, not only for its taste but for its healing properties as well, the Madina Rose is a loved plant among the Arabs. It can be used both in food for flavour or in beauty products as a skin...
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Madina Herbs Giftbox
Dried Madina mint (Hasawi), Madina rose and Madina mint (Maghrabi) each packaged in a tightly sealed plastic tub.
Sugar Free Millet Mamoul
A very tasty delicate Mamoul with all the benefits of millet. Individually wrapped to preserve freshness. 15 pieces per box
Haribo GoldBears 160 g
Halal Certified Fruit Flavour Jelly Candy 160g
Ajwa Filled Chocolates
Quality chocolate encases a delicious Ajwa middle.
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Sugar Free Date Wafer
These sugar-free date wafers with a hint of cocoa and almond, make a healthy, yet irresistible snack.   
Grinded Ajwa Seeds Powder
Ajwa seed powder is useful in treating Diabetes and heart problems. It can also be used as a coffee alternative.
Kabsa Spice Mix
Who doesn't like to take a taste of their trip back home with them? This spice mix, in a handy tin, will set you on your way to an authentic and tasty Kabsa meal, or can simply be used to...
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Premium Stuffed Dates Box
A mix of Ajwa, Safawy, Sughai, Anbarah and Rabea dates stuffed with an aromatic mix of crushed almonds and cardamoms.
from $23.30
Diyafa Seeds
from $0.75
Diyafa Seeds
These salted seeds are a widely popular snack enjoyed by all.
from $0.75
Borgat Ringlets, 100g
Borgat Gummy Ringlets. These Halal, two-tone chewy sweets are full of fruity flavour!    Ingredients: Glucose Syrup, Sugar, modified potato starch, Beef Gelatin (halal), Acids: Citric Acid, natural identical flavors (strawberry, black currant, pineapple, vanilla), colors E100, E120, E133, palm oil,...
Borgat Candy Cars, 100g
Borgat Halal Gummy Cars. Revved up with fruity fun, these racers are fueled with fun fruity flavors that are sure to get you going! Ingredients: Glucose Syrup, Sugar, modified potato starch, Beef Gelatin (halal), Acid: Citric Acid, natural identical flavors (pineapple,...

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