Al Noor Prayer Mat
A modern luxurious prayer mat that reflects the beauty of the arches in the architecture of Madina Mosque . Dimensions : 70 x 120 cm Weight : 1100 g
Musk Al Qurashi
from $12.45
Musk Al Qurashi
Want to stop using artificial deodorants and follow a sunnah? This unisex scent is recommended in the sunnah for use after ghusl, as a natural deodorant (just dabbing it on after showering will last you a couple of days) and...
from $12.45
AlFajr Deluxe Watch
Superior design and finish with an array of Islamic functions, this Deluxe watch from AlFajr is available in stainless steel band or leather strap options. 5 year guarantee Athan times (for all cities around the world) Prayer reminders Qibla direction...
from $385.25
Madina Themed Colouring Book
Keep calm and colour one of the most peaceful places in the world:   Al Madinah Al Munawwarah. This colouring book inspired by patterns from Masjid An Nabawi, Masjid Quba, Mount Uhud and other places around the city is suitable for...
Amber Wood Spray Pefume For Him
Amber Wood is infused with the most exquisite redolence of Amber. Rich and deep, true to its main ingredient, each drop of this fragrance is captivating, sensuous and powerful. This exquisite fragrance is built with the Top Notes of Fruit...
Al Rawda Al Sharifah Mat
This prayer mat combines The Rawdah rug pattern with the elegant arches of the prophet ﷺ's mosque. 
Ajwa Al-Madinah Al-Munawarah Gift Collection
A variety box of Ajwa dates, Ajwa filled mamouls and chocolates with Ajwa and crushed almond centers.
Cashmere Musc Unisex Spray Perfume
Exotic, rare and wild. Cashmere Musc is a distinctive unisex fragrance exuding spicy, floral and woody notes. Saffron, enveloped by Jasmine, lily of the valley, ylang ylang, patchouli, cedarwood and cashmeran perfectly blended to give you a sweet yet unmistakable...
Al-Haram Mat
Inspired by the Masjid Al-Nabawi carpets, this comfortable prayer mat is a wonderful reminder of Madina. Patterns may differ very slightly from the image shown.  Dimensions: 70 x 112 cm Weight: 700g
Mehrab 3D Prayer Mat
Inspired by the beautiful design of the Prophet ﷺ's mehrab in the rawda. Ultrasoft silky touch 9mm 63 x 110 cm
Ajwa Filled Date Pack
7 individually packaged Ajwa Madina dates filled with crushed almond, cardamom, and Ajwa seed powder.
AlFajr Qibla Watch
Along with an array of Islamic functions, this Qibla watch has a robust sporty design suitable for any age group, and available in Stealth Black and Nickel Grey. 2 year guarantee.  Athan times (for all cities around the world) Prayer...
Date Dish
This cute little date dish stores just enough dates to enjoy with a pot of coffee, to keep on your breakfast table, or to offer around at iftar. Beautifully shaped in glazed ceramic, this versatile dish can be used for...
Embroidered Cushion Cover
Elegantly styled and embroidered these cotton cushion covers with soft wool embroidery, will beautifully accent any room decor. Equally beautiful scattered around a bedroom or living space, or just for you on your favourite armchair. Available individually, or as a...
from $24.99
Green Dome Keyring
This metal simple yet elegant keyring is a reminder of the unique green dome of Al-Masjid Al-Nabawi.
Ka'aba Kiswa Prayer Mat
A beautiful prayer mat with a Ka'abah Kiswa inspired design.

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