Floral Patterned Prayer Hijab
This pretty one-piece prayer hijab is comfortable and easy to wear. One size fits all.
Elegant Pattern Prayer Hijab
An elegant single piece prayer hijab, fits a small / medium size and it's available in several muted colours.
Prayer Hijab Girls
Convenient all in one prayer hijab with shaped headpiece. (Shown here on a 7 year old) 
Knitted Kufi
This traditional men's Kufi is available in a range of muted shades.
Striped Kufi
3 coloured striped kufi, available in a range of sizes.
Premium Ihram
A special Ihram made with a luxuriously soft and thick fabric. Dimensions : 110 x 200 cmWeight : 1400 g
Economy Ihram
Economical white Ihram for adults. Great quality with an affordable price. Dimensions : 110 x 200 cmWeight : 1000 g
Soft Ihram
A comfortable and easy to wear white Ihram for adults.   Dimensions : 110 x 200 cmWeight : 1200 g
Sold Out
Ihram Belt
A sturdy Ihram Belt featuring Zip Closed Pockets for Safe Keeping. Inner and outer pockets. Metal belt rivets. 46 Inch/118 cm waist.
Embroidered Prayer Hijab
A beautiful lightweight embroidered single piece prayer hijab. Full sleeved, with attached wrap around hijab, it helps you to be both covered and comfortable at the same time.   167cm x 98 cm
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