Welcome to The Hujjaj Store!

You want to know a bit about us? 
Well, we are a new company and we formed after seeing the selection of gifts that were available to visitors of Madina, and wanting to bring a quality selection of products within easy access of the Madina hujjaj.   From prayer mats, prayer beads and prayer hijabs to authentic artisan jewelry, sunnah foods and souvenir stationary we provide it, and all of it with the convenience of online ordering, delivered straight to your hotel in Madina.

Our vision is to help pilgrims discover, connect & experience Madina, to take a part of it away with them, to keep and to share.

But Madina is the city of peace and light for Muslims from all over the world, and The Hujjaj Store realises that, so now with international delivery, we are here to help everyone get their bit of Madina.

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