I Love Madina Mug
Give yourself a warm reminder of this beloved city with this locally designed patterned ceramic mug. Available in blue and green.
Do Not Use Before Sunset Mug
A ceramic blue mug with "Do not use before sunset" and "but first Iftar" printed on it.
Zamzam Magnet
A small magnet in the shape of one of the Zamzam dispensers available in the Harmain.
Maqam Ibrahim Magnet
A small intricately detailed magnet of Maqam Ibrahim in gold, white, and black.
Green Dome Magnet
A small metal magnet in the shape of the Green Dome.
Cahwa Cups
Enjoy the taste of Arabic coffee, in this beautiful set of 12 textured ceramic cups.       Patterns may vary 
Patterned Cahwa Cups
  • floral
  • marble
Patterned Cahwa Cups
This delicate set of multifunctional floral/ marble cahwa cups, will brighten up any table, and come in handy for a number of uses.
  • floral
  • marble
Date Dish
This cute little date dish stores just enough dates to enjoy with a pot of coffee, to keep on your breakfast table, or to offer around at iftar. Beautifully shaped in glazed ceramic, this versatile dish can be used for...
Bismillah Coffee Magnet
A small cute magnet, a pretty reminder to say Bismillah, perfect to pop on a fridge door.  6.5 x 6.5 cm
Bismillah Date Magnet
A small cute magnet, a pretty reminder to say Bismillah, perfect to pop on a fridge door.  5x8cm
Bismillah Banana Canvas
A lovely wall or shelf decoration, a  canvas of a bunch of bananas on a blue background with a speech box that has Bismilla written in it. 15x15 cm
Bismillah Date Canvas
15x15 cm
Madina Fridge Magnets Packet of 3
3 Madina fridge magnets featuring The Prophet's Mosque, Masjid Al Meeqat and Mt Uhud.
Mecca Fridge Magnets
3 magnets featuring The Blackstone, the stoning of the Jamaraat and the Heraa cave.
Sold Out
Wooden Madina Coasters
4 beautiful wooden coasters to have in your house, inspired by the beautiful design of Al-Masjid Al-Nabawi's domes and rugs.  A wonderful memory for you or a tasteful gift from Madina for a loved one.
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