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An Introduction to Musk

Musk is mentioned frequently in the Sunnah. It is a pleasant-smelling perfume with many added benefits. However, the world of Musk can be a confusing one, especially online! This blogpost is talking specifically about Musk attar, not the synthetic Musk scent often used in manufactured perfumes around the world.

There are two main types of Musk: Black Musk and White Musk. Although it has not been specified which Musk is mentioned in the Sunnah the Musk spoken about at the time would have been either of these two that come from natural origins and were sold and used by Arabs then and until today.

Black Musk is extracted from a deer gland and is dark in color it is often diluted with oil or alcohol until it is a runny consistency. There are two ways of extracting the Musk from the deer, the first involves killing the deer and is illegal in most countries the second is collecting the glands off the rocks in the areas the deer frequent as they release the glands once they become uncomfortably full.

White Musk is extracted from granite rocks on both Indian and European mountains. It is usually a thick white grainy texture but can also be bought in a solid texture. 

Both these Musks share their antibacterial properties, as well as their pleasant fragrance. The black Musk has a heavier more musky scent and is often diluted with sandalwood and rose fragrance, the white Musk has a lighter smell and both scents are unisex.

 Musk can be used as an antibacterial product on the skin such as on spots or cuts, as a natural deodorant (apply a little straight after a shower) or even just for its beautiful fragrance (apply to pulse points). These usages are beside the mentions of it in the sunnah as a way for women to cleanse when taking a ghusl.

Musk, available here on our website, is a long-lasting scent and with the pleasant knowledge that it was a smell mentioned frequently by our beloved prophet صلى الله عليه و سلم and the small beautiful glass bottles and gold lids adding to the joy of using it, Musk would make a great gift for a loved one.




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