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The Madinah Rose: A Flower, a Fragrance, and a Flavor!

Madinah rose

Ward Al-Madinah is a pink flower that is treasured amongst the people of Madina. It is a pink rose and is often sold by the boxful, the full flower head or sometimes only the petals are sold fresh or dried.

The rose is used in numerous contexts be it, culinary, cosmetic or decorative. You will rarely find a special occasion in Madina that has not used these rose petals as confetti. Huge garlands are sometimes made and placed around the neck of the guest of honor, sometimes they are placed by the bucketful in vases around the venue. The fragrant smell is a pleasure to experience and remember all your special moments by! During the Hajj season volunteers often welcome the Hujjaj of Madinah at the airport by showering them in rosepetals as they arrive, a pleasant experience indeed!

The rose is so popular that during the summer and any other wedding or special occasion seasons its price goes up and it is frequently sold out.

The Madina rose is sometimes used to make tea, it adds a fragrant smell without causing an overwhelming change to the taste of the tea. The rose petals are placed in the teapot, thermos, or mug and hot tea is poured over it. This can be used when making mint tea and red tea. Many people dry the petals and sprinkle them on some of the rice dishes such as Kabuli and Bukhari. The dried petals, available for purchase here on our website, are also used in tea.

Both the fresh and dried petals are sometimes infused in boiled in water and then cooled and used as a facial toner. Sometimes the dried roses are used in potpourri or even sprinkled under bedsheets and in pillowcases to provide a pleasant scent.

Amongst the Saudi’s the Madina rose is a prized gift for loved ones and is purchased fresh and dry by the boxful to be taken home. Join in this special tradition and take one of the scents of Madina home with you. Here at Thehujjajstore we sell Madina rose-infused oud, rose water, Madinah rose perfume, and even prayer beads with a small sample of the Madina rose attached. We even have a small cute enamel pink and gold pin Take home some of the Madinah rose to remember your stay in Madina by. 



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