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Quality Ajwa dates from the farms of Bi'r Uthman. Grown and packed in Madina. 1kg 
Ajwa Date Paste
A delicious Ajwa date paste with many Sunna remedy ingredients is the perfect sugar-free addition to your meals and a tasty way to contribute to your 7 Ajwa a day! 200g Ingredients: Ajwa date paste, Ajwa stone powder, Safron, Honey,...
Ajwa Madina 7 Pieces Pack
Seven individually packed Ajwa Madina dates.
Ajwa oil
Ajwa oil
Ajwa extracted from the stone of the Ajwa date, this oil is proven to be good for eczema, dry skin, and hair growth. Tested in Canadian laboratories and certified by the Saudi Food and Drug Authority .
Black Seed Powder
....a cure for every disease except death. Black seed needs no introduction. Ground for convenient usage. 100g  
Camel Milk Soap
Inspired by the Arabian mystique this Oud scented soap is both luxurious and evocative.  Cleansing with commercial soap bars can strip the skin of its natural moisture, leaving the skin feeling dry, itchy and flaky. That won’t happen when you...
Cupping Kit
12 cup cupping set, cups are of different sizes, suction cup included. Can be used for dry and wet cupping. Pamphlet has an informative diagram of cupping spots on the body.
Dried Sidr (Lote)
One of the most well known of the sunnah herbs, Sidr is mentioned in various surahs of the Quran and in numerous hadith. Sidr can be used not only for Islamic purposes but as a hair reviver and skin cleanser....
from $10.00
Grinded Ajwa Seeds Powder
Ajwa seed powder is useful in treating Diabetes and heart problems. It can also be used as a coffee alternative. 180g
Henna Powder
Henna has many benefits and uses beyond beautification. Listed in The Medicine of the Prophet and in a multitude of recent publications for its use in curing a range of infections and skin related illnesses, as well as headaches, gout...
Miswak Toothpaste
Dabur Miswak Toothpaste is scientifically formulated and fluoride-free with the pure extracts of Al-arak, the famous Miswak tree used for centuries Brand: Dabur Size: 170 g
Musk Al Qurashi
Want to stop using artificial deodorants and follow a sunnah? This unisex scent is recommended in the sunnah for use after ghusl, as a natural deodorant (just dabbing it on after showering will last you a couple of days) and...
from $12.45
Organic Black Seed
....a cure for every disease except death. Black seed needs no introduction. *packaging may look different from image provided.  250g
Qist Al Hindi
from $18.00
Qist Al Hindi
Costus is a frequently used medicinal plant, described in the sunnah as a cure for Sore throat and tonsillitis Headache Pleurisy (inflammation of the membrane that wraps around the lungs) Modern scientific research has further suggested it has both antioxidant...
from $18.00
Rose Oil
Rose oil is an anti-inflammatory agent and tissue regenerator loaded with therapeutic benefits for the skin, great for anti-aging and healing scars. Apply it directly to the skin or add a few drops to your shower gel, bath, or face cream...
Sugar Free Whole Wheat Mamoul
A very tasty delicate Mamoul with no sugar. Individually wrapped to preserve freshness. 15 pieces per box
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