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Henna for Hair: How and Why?


Most of us no doubt know Henna as the dye used to dye pretty designs on hands and feet in preparation for numerous special occasions, but did you know that Henna has countless benefits for your hair? In Saudi Arabia Henna is well known as a form of hair treatment and you will find most herbalists are well stocked with Henna powder ready to dole out by the kilo!

The use of Henna powder on hair can increase growth, strengthen brittle hair and moisturise dry hair. Henna is also great for promoting follicle health and balancing the oil/ph level for a healthier scalp which aids in healing dandruff or itchy scalp. These benefits are besides the fact that many use henna to dye their hair a different colour.

Here is one of the many ways Henna is used on hair, in order to dye hair the Henna mixture must be left to activate for at least 12 hours, however, if you don’t want to dye your hair use instantly.

You will need:

½ Cup of natural Henna powder

¼ Cup of green tea (brew 1 tea bag in this much water)

Coconut oil/ Olive oil/ Blackseed oil

Applicator brush (If available)

Gloves (If you are planning to use the Henna to dye your hair)

Shower cap (or anything you don’t mind getting stained) to cover your hair


Mix the Henna powder and green tea together add some warm water if the texture is too thick, it should be a thick creamy texture.

If you want to dye your hair leave the mixture for at least 12 hours and use some of the oil to protect your ears and neck before applying the activated Henna.

If you are don’t want to dye your hair apply instantly and leave on for about 1-3 hours*. If you want to dye your hair apply for 3-12 hours or even overnight.

Rinse off with shampoo but avoid conditioner. Use once a month.

A patch test is always encouraged but especially if your hair is a lighter colour or has been dyed.

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