Bismillah Banana Canvas
A lovely wall or shelf decoration, a  canvas of a bunch of bananas on a blue background with a speech box that has Bismilla written in it. 15x15 cm
Green Dome Canvas
A beautiful image of the Green Dome on a white background, the perfect wall or shelf decoration. Available in both canvas and acrylic. 20x20 cm
Kafarat Al Majlis Orchid Canvas
A beautiful canvas with the supplication of Kafarat Al-Majlis written in pink on a white background with pink Orchids. The perfect decoration for a wall or shelf.  20x20 cm
Entering/Exiting Home Dua Canvas
A canvas of the supplication for entering and exiting the home printed in Arabic with the English translation. White on a black background. 25x35 cm
Mecca Clock Tower Night Canvas With Light
A beautiful canvas with an image of the clock tower overlooking the Makkah Haram at night. This canvas has an inbuilt light that shows as stars in the sky. The perfect decorative addition to a wall or shelf in any...
Bismillah Date Canvas
15x15 cm
Names of Allah Acrylic Board
There are 99 rectangles designed to contain the names of God, each unique name has a special place, colour and various materials which create an overall cohesive plane from distant view Every "art-piece" is crafted with love and care to...
Athkar Canvas
A small cute wall or shelf decoration, 5 Athkar each in a colourful shape on a white background.  20x25 cm
Morning Dua Canvas With Light
A canvas with the morning supplication and good morning in Arabic written in white on a grey background with white clouds one of which has a small smile and the sun. This canvas has a built-in light that lights up...
Night Time Dua Canvas With Light
A beautiful canvas with the supplication for going to sleep and goodnight written in Arabic in white on a grey background underneath a starry night sky with the moon and a cloud with closed eyes. This canvas has an inbuilt...
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