Premium Ihram
A special Ihram made with a luxuriously soft and thick fabric. Dimensions : 110 x 200 cmWeight : 1400 g
Soft Ihram
A comfortable and easy to wear white Ihram for adults.   Dimensions : 110 x 200 cmWeight : 1200 g
Economy Ihram
Economical white Ihram for adults. Great quality with an affordable price. Dimensions : 110 x 200 cmWeight : 1000 g
Unscented Umrah Soap
The perfect soap to use in Ihram or on sensitive skin. *Please note as this is a locally produced product the packaging sometimes differs from the image available.
Sold Out
Ihram Belt
A sturdy Ihram Belt featuring Zip Closed Pockets for Safe Keeping. Inner and outer pockets. Metal belt rivets. 46 Inch/118 cm waist.
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