Al-Haramain Picture Ornament
A small handmade wooden hanging ornament with printed pictures from the Haramain.
Stuffed Toy Camel
The distinctively quirky shape of a camel is always a favourite with kids. This cuddly little camel will quickly become any childs' must-have tag-along-toy. Available with red or blue accents.
Bismillah Coffee Magnet
A small cute magnet, a pretty reminder to say Bismillah, perfect to pop on a fridge door.  6.5 x 6.5 cm
Bismillah Date Magnet
A small cute magnet, a pretty reminder to say Bismillah, perfect to pop on a fridge door.  5x8cm
I Love Madina Mug
Give yourself a warm reminder of this beloved city with this locally designed patterned ceramic mug. Available in blue and green.
I love Madina Picture Frame
 A cute, patterned green picture frame that displays love for The Prophet's great city.
  • red
  • green
Islamic Album
Inspiring images from Mekkah and Madina and other pilgrim locations. A book to be picked up again and again. Image titling in six languages (English, Urdu, Farsi, Arabic, Indonesian and Turkish)       
Sold Out
Madina Souvenir Tote
Share your love of Madina with the world! The beautifully illustrated Madina map version of the everyday essential tote comes with 2 Madina pins already attached. Made from strong washable cotton  
Madina Themed Colouring Book
Keep calm and colour one of the most peaceful places in the world:   Al Madinah Al Munawwarah. This colouring book inspired by patterns from Masjid An Nabawi, Masjid Quba, Mount Uhud and other places around the city is suitable for...
Mecca Souvenir Tote
This sturdy tote bag has a cute artsy map of Mecca on it and comes with two badges! Made from strong washable cotton.
Round Madina Keyring
These brightly coloured rubber keyrings with green dome overlay are an appealing daily reminder of the city of the Prophet.
Round Mecca Keyring
These brightly coloured yellow rubber keyrings with a Ka'abah overlay are an appealing daily reminder of The House of Allah.
Do Not Use Before Sunset Mug
A ceramic blue mug with "Do not use before sunset" and "but first Iftar" printed on it.
Green Dome Keyring
This metal simple yet elegant keyring is a reminder of the unique green dome of Al-Masjid Al-Nabawi.
Handmade Clay Pot
A small handmade in Madinah clay pot. Clay pots were traditionally used to hold water in Saudi Arabia. The clay pots have a cooling effect on liquid placed inside them. This cute little clay pot can be used as a...
Leather Madina Keyring
A small white leather keyring with an image of the Green Dome and the word Madina inside a gold pattern.

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