Sugar Free Millet Mamoul
A very tasty delicate Mamoul with all the benefits of millet. Individually wrapped to preserve freshness. 15 pieces per box
Chocolate Covered Date Filled Biscuit
Tasty chocolate-covered mamoul biscuits filled with dates and a hint of cinnamon. Beautifully packaged and individually wrapped to preserve flavour and quality. Great for gifting, or for snacking!      
Chocolate Covered Mamoul
Individually wrapped melt in the mouth mamoul with a soft date filling covered in delicate milk chocolate.     
Mamoul with Cinnamon
A deliciously delicate cinnamon twist on the traditional healthy date snack. Individually wrapped and ready to go. 15 pieces per box.
Halwani Mamoul 16 pieces
Not too crumbly and not too sweet, a great snack with the added benefits of dates.    
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