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Madina Guide: Top 10 Tips to Make the Most of Your Stay in Madina!

Everyone at TheHujjajStore recognizes what a uniquely special city Madinah is and wants to help you enjoy every minute of your time here. So, whether you are preparing for your trip to Makkah or relaxing after it, here are our top ten tips to get the best out of your time in Madinah.

 Sit in the Masjid:

As much as the Haram in Makkah is awe inspiring and almost scary in its magnificence, the Mosque in Madinah is a sanctuary for your soul. Soak it up. Don’t only go for the Salat. Sit in the mosque, no rush, in the times between salat, or late at night and Tahajjud time. Recite from the Quran, make duaa, pray, or just sit and absorb the atmosphere. We promise, you won’t regret it.

Don’t rush back for breakfast:

A full hotel breakfast is often a very good way to start the day when visiting Madinah, but why rush back for it? Treat yourself to the double luxury of getting the reward of sitting in the Masjid after Fajr salat, and of returning to your hotel to enjoy your breakfast without the queuing and the crowds. Experience the calm and serenity of the masjid at that special time of day, see the huge sliding domes being opened to let the morning air in, and watch the amazing scene as hundreds of people start the daily routines of the masjid,  cleaning perfuming, teaching, studying, reciting.

Follow the Funeral Procession:

Funeral Salat takes place throughout the Masjid immediately after most prayers. Many people choose to follow the bier out to Jannatul Baqi. Go with it. You don’t have to know the person, and it’s fulfilling the rights of a Muslim. Although, only men can follow up to the graveside, women can see the procession entering and leaving the masjid and going to Baqia.

Venture out:

Hosting the pilgrims is viewed as a duty and an honour by the people of madinah. You will find people are genuinely willing to help you achieve your goal, despite any language barriers. App based or private hire taxis, sightseeing double-deckers, and a variety of shuttle buses to the major destinations, help you to get around Madinah independently. There are many sights of historical significance, as well as museums that are worth a visit, which might not feature on your group tour.

Have Iftar at the Masjid:

Outside of Ramadhan, Iftar is provided at the masjid for all the sunnah fasts. Every Monday, Thursday, and 13,14,15th of the Hijri month registered providers set up rows of iftar seating in the masjid. Fast one day. Earn the reward of a sunnah fast and share in a Madinah iftar. Feel the community spirit, see Madinah hospitality in action. Arabic Coffee, special bread, yoghurt to be sprinkled with a local spice mix (Daqah), and of course dates. It’s a unique opportunity. Don’t leave Madinah without experiencing it.

Dates, Dates, Dates:

Madinah has a lot of dates. Ajwa Al- Madina are probably the most famous, but there are Burni, Safawi, Sukkari, Mabroom, and Khudary to name just a few. The flavours, textures and colours of dates vary considerably from one to another, as of course does the quality. Whilst it can be fun shopping in an open market atmosphere, you have to know what you’re buying. Cheaper dates are cheaper for a reason. In Madinah, competition works to level the market, so you will likely get what you pay for. If you are buying dates to take away with you or to give as gifts, buy from a reputable source so you know the dates are a good quality, have been cleaned and checked to eliminate weevil (the small insects) and packed in a clean environment to preserve freshness.

Flex your schedule:

In contrast to the rush, rites and rituals of Makkah, and to the ever-present clocks, Madinah is almost timeless. In fact, you will hardly even see a clock. For the days you are here allow yourself to move in Madinah time. Things ebb and flow with the salat times and you will find the haram area and much more of the city is fully functioning late into the night. Relax, just go with it and enjoy the blessing of being a pilgrim in Madinah.

Feed body and soul:

Like any place, Madinah has its own unique cuisine. Rice and chicken, cooked in any number of different ways, is one of the staples. Try it out. Mandi, Bukhari, Madhby, and Kabsa, are just a few types. Eat at one of the big-name rice restaurants and enjoy being served trays of rice and chicken, Madinah style in your own private family booth.

Take Shade in an Orchard:

The date farms of Madinah offer a retreat from the weather all year round. Many are set up with traditional seating areas, food stalls, and sometimes even entertainment. Evenings are busy and mornings cool and calm. Take your pick of the times but be sure to sample the traditional Arabic coffee (Cahwa). It’s served in tiny sip sized cups, so why not have a go!

Pray at Masjid Quba:

Whether your group are organizing a trip or not, make sure to get yourself to Masjid Quba. Two rakat in this masjid has the reward of performing Umrah. As the first masjid built in Islam, it’s definitely not one to miss.





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