The History and Significance of the Prayer Mat / Sujaadah in Islam


Beautifully woven colorful rugs are not an unfamiliar Islamic icon. They are used by thousand of Muslims across the globe. People are seen in airports, mosques, houses, restaurants, malls, and many more places kneeling and bowing to Allah whilst offering their prayers on the well known prayer mat or Sujaadah. Due to the importance of prayer mats in Islam, prayer mats are still highly respected. It is not just a tidy place to worship for, as well as a hope of heaven and peace in sought in the prayer prayed upon it.

The style and colors rely on the creators, their background, and their cultural patterns, although all are often reflected on the prayer mat, most prayer mats have main feature of a Mihrab from a mosque,. The mihrab is the place in the mosque where the imam prays and faces the Qiblah, the Kaabah in Makkah, which is the direction Muslims all around the globe face when they pray. Check out the beautiful 3D mihrab prayer mat available at Thehujjajstore here.

If we trace the history, prayer mats look like oriental mats or even Persian. Most of them are made up of silk and cotton and have Islamic patterns, geometric, floral, arabesque, and colorful. Wool is also sometimes used to produce prayer mats. Some prayer mats replicate the prayer mats of the Haramain in Makkah and Madinah


The measurements of prayer mats vary, with an average of 70 cm per 120 cm, most importantly they of they are a length that permits anyone to bow down at one end of a rectangle, fold and position their head at another. Thehujjajstore produces a wide range of appealing prayer mats. It offers handmade, woven, made in Madinah, and a wide range of patterns and designs delivered both internationally and domestically. If you are a pilgrim visting Madinah Thehujjajstore will deliver sanitized, packaged, and sealed prayer mats to your hotel room within 24 hours of your order.

The early history of prayer mats:

If we have a look, it all started with a "Khumrah," a rug made up of palm leaves, which the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ used to offer prayers on. The 5 prayers must take place in a dry and tidy place on a clean surface hence this is the aim of the prayer mat and it ought to always be cleaned properly.  

During the medieval period, prayer-faced tapestries were commonly produced in Muslim states, demonstrating that the Islamic religion was closely related to daily life. In the Iranian scale from the very first part of the fourteenth century to the first part of the fifteenth century, the oldest representations of prayer mats can be found. Superb representations of Persian prayer mats can be found in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. Prayer mats used to be created in huge workshops with distinctive features and picturesque designs, they were made in rural areas and then sold in urban areas. 


Why are prayer mats significant?

Through your praying, the prayer mat helps to keep you tidy and healthy. You might get soaked or get dirt on your clothes or body if there are no prayer mats. This is particularly valid if you are praying outdoors.

Next, it ensures that it will be easier InshaAllah as you worship. If you allocate a place for your prayer mat your create a nice environment to pray in. Compares your focus, or humility in prayer. Any change? Yeah, it's convenient and relaxing to pray on a prayer mat. This additional relaxation means lesser distractions and more attention.

One important factor that may assist us in preserving the consistency of our everyday worshipping is a prayer mat. Although it can feel nicer and more relaxing to pray in a mosque, the time for prayer often arrives when we are present at our workplace, dining, or even on a train. Thus having a prayer mat at hand, an item that can quickly offer you a beautiful calm place to lower your head and pray can help you be consistent in your prayers InshAllah. Who doesn’t need a moment of peace throughout our busy days? If you need a handy beautiful prayer mat whether thick and luxurious for your prayer area at home or light and convenient to keep in your car, Thehujjajstore is always ready to serve.

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